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Technology from VIPCO

Expertise on all Levels

Saves Resources

This aspect is reflected in VIPCO's development services. With state-of-the-art technology we provide more economies. Our customers benefit in many ways from this – e.g. through reduced energy consumption and lower costs.

Allows for Increased Efficiency

We increase process efficiency, intelligence and economies in proven industries with our high-quality developments for modules, devices and complete systems.

Trendsetter in New Applications

We are characterised by a permanent innovative power and user orientation. Whether using mobile communication for maintenance repairs or displaying increased safety requirements – we aim to turn innovations into economical and efficient solutions.

Uses Alternative Energies

The automation technology developed by VIPCO is the key technology for the use of alternative energies. You can achieve further optimisation with our controls in projects which are already environmentally friendly.

Expertise through Cooperation

Our highly qualified employees demonstrate our expertise by cooperating closely with companies whose hardware components are used in VIPCO's systems.

Clear Roles and Responsibilities

The teams at VIPCO are structured in various areas of competence with clearly defined roles and are managed by the Directors Andreas Büning, Peter Gehring and Fritz Köck. This is the only way to distribute tasks meaningfully and merge them effectively.


Optimal functions thanks to specially developed software – our services for your added value.

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Durable individual components and complete systems for your sustainable project requirements.

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